Lexicon: funneled – further

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funneled, adj. [ME.]

Cavernous; sunken; channel-like; like a chamber; [fig.] chiseled; burrowed; tunneled; shaft-like; hollowed out; carved from stone; [metaphor] like a casket.

funny, adj. [see fun, adj.]

Strange; odd; curious; peculiar; unusual; thought-provoking; inspiring contemplation; causing reflection.

furl, v. [poss. from OF.]

Wrap; close; roll up; bind together; [fig.] shut; cause to sleep.

furlong, n. [OE.]

One eighth of a mile; about two hundred twenty yards; about six hundred sixty feet; unit of distance forty rods long; [fig.] long-term separation, as in death.

furlough (-s), n. [see furlong, n.]

Heaps; miles and miles; [fig] great quantity.

furnish (-s, -ed), v. [OFr.]

  1. Outfit; set; equip; decorate; embellish; garnish.
  2. Complete; fulfil; complement.
  3. Promote; take forward; lead further on.
  4. Give; provide; supply.

furniture, n. [Fr.]

  1. Accessory; appliance; contrivance; household item.
  2. Equipment; [fig.] funeral trappings; casket, flowers, and so forth.
  3. Decorations; ornaments; appendages; accessories; furnishings of a house; [fig.] inner spirit; internal organs.

furrow, n. [OE.]

  1. Dell; dip; little vale; small ripple in the earth; [fig.] minor thing.
  2. Row; seam; crease; line for sewing together material; [fig.] line of verse; phrase in poetic composition.
  3. Ripple; wrinkle; trail; track; groove; trench for planting seed in a field; channel in the earth that a farmer digs with a plow; [fig.] outline of a recent burial in a graveyard; [metaphor] word; verbal expression; line of verse; sound waves of speech; [metonymy] stratocumulus cloud cover; linear pattern of sunset light and clouds.

furrow (-ed), v. [see furrow, n.]

Empty; plow; remove excess from; make pathways through by clearing obstacles; [fig.] melt; clear of snow by warmth.

further (furthest), adj. [OE; see far, adj.]

  1. Later; more distant in time.
  2. Last; only remaining.
  3. Subsequent; future; upcoming.