Lexicon: fallow – family

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fallow, adj. [OE.]

Light brown; yellowish in color; [fig.] uncultivated; not used; less desirable; (see Jeremiah 4:3).

falsehood, n. [see false, adj. and hood, n.]

Untruth; disloyalty; counterfeit.

falter, v. [obscure etymology.] (webplay: question).

Stutter; stammer; hesitate in speech.

faltering, verbal adj. [see falter, v.]


fame (-s, -'s), n. [L. fama, report.] (webplay: eloquence, exalts, house, Jesus, land, prayer, renown, story).

  1. Notoriety; renown; reputation; acknowledgment; report that exalts one's character; (see 1 Kings 4:31).
  2. Rumor; hearsay; public report; (see 1 Chronicles 14:17).
  3. Celebrity; honor; glory derived from great achievement.

fameless, adj. [see fame, n.] (webplay: Jesus).

Undistinguished; unpretentious; humble; without fame.

familiar, adj. [OFr] (webplay: acquainted, bring, distant, easy, formed, friend, lived, man, manner, not, person, scenes, smiled).

  1. Acclimated; habituated; accustomed.
  2. Native; well-known; customary; ordinary; typical; not foreign; proximate; contiguous; close to home.
  3. Comfortable; at ease; willing to cope; able to endure.
  4. Human; mortal; tangible; finite; physical; temporal; transient.

familiar, adv. [see familiar, adj.]

Commonly; courteously; intimately; unceremoniously; unpretentiously.

familiarity (familiarities), n. [see familiar, adj.]

Intimacy; association; frequent converse.

family, n. [L. household, servant.] (webplay: smiled, race).

  1. Bloodline; kindred; household; parentage; (see Genesis 10:5).
  2. Tribe; clan; brotherhood; group of individuals; nations bound together; (see Jeremiah 10:25).