Lexicon: famine – far

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famine, n. [Fr. < Late L.] (webplay: deprivation, drink, feel, land, life, starve, sufficient, thing, want).

Hunger; starvation; extreme dearth; scarcity; destitution; (see Genesis 12:10).

famish (-ing), v. [L. fames, hunger.] (webplay: starve).

Starve; be deprived; suffer from hunger; (see Proverbs 10:3).

famous, adj. [see fame, n.]

  1. Notable; celebrated; renowned; much talked about.
  2. Distinguished; prominent; praised; reputable.

fan, n. [OE.] (webplay: breath, cool, face, fire, thrown, wind, woman's).

  1. Wing; propeller.
  2. Bellows; instrument used to raise fire or flames.
  3. Means used to move air; beautiful decoration used by women.

fan, v. [Fr. vanner.]

Ventilate; winnow; blow; drive current of air.

fancy, n. [see fancy, v.]

  1. Daydream; mental images of pleasure.
  2. Thoughts; arbitrary notions.

fancy (fancied), v. [contraction of fantasy.] (webplay: Deserts, esteem, full, led, liked, open, True).

Imagine; suppose; conceive in the mind.

fantastic, adj. [Gk, make visible.] (webplay: person).

Unreal; incredible; mystical; exists only in imagination.

fantasy, n. [Fr. < Gk to make visible, to show.]

Dream; vision; illusion; delusive imagination.

far (farthest), adj. [OE.] (webplay: affection, country, Distant, go, heaven, justify, kingdom, man, nations, near, obedience, pass, perish, place, remote, separated, traveling, way, wide).

  1. Foreign; exotic; other-worldly; from another dimension.
  2. Late ; remote in time; long time away; near the end of.
  3. Distant; remote in place; geographically removed.
  4. Dusky; evening; bedtime; nighttime; after dark.
  5. Estranged; alienated; emotionally distant.
  6. Heavenly; celestial; paradisaical; immortal; far gone.