Lexicon: far – farther

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far (farther), adv. [see far, adj.]

  1. Away; gone; apart; separated.
  2. Distant; geographically removed; remote in place.
  3. Remote in time; a long time away.

far, n. [see far, adj.]

People living at a distance; [fig.] foreigner; stranger; alien.

fare, n. [OE.] (webplay: cross).

Price; passage; money for the cost of traveling on a ship; (see Jonah 1:3).

fare (-ed), v. [OE faran.] (webplay: travel).

Eat; dine; sup; partake of; (see Luke 16:19).

farewell, n. [see fare, v and well, v.] (webplay: parting, take).

Salute; bid adieu; say good-bye; (see Luke 9:61).

farm (-s), n. [OE feorm, hire, lease.] (webplay: corn, new, owned, produce, sum, willfulness).

Land; property leased to individuals to cultivate; (see Matthew 22:5).

farmer (-s, -'s), n. [Fr.] (webplay: customs, farm, field, lord).

Steward; bailiff; cultivator of a farm.

farming, verbal n. [see farm, n.]

Agriculture; cultivating the land; raising stock.

farness, n. [see far, adj.]

Remoteness; far distance.

farther, adv. [see far, adj. and further, adv.]

More remote; more separated in distance.