Lexicon: heave – heel

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heave (-s), n. [see heave, v.]

Moving; pushing; shoving.

heave (-s), v. [OE hębban < Germanic.]

Lob; cast; toss; throw.

heaven (-s, -'s), n. [OE heben.] (webplay: air, angels, blessed, clouds, earth, ether, felicity, glory, God, gods, happiness, Jehovah, moon, mountain, power, rain, sky, spirits, stars, sublimity, sun, supreme).

  1. Firmament; vault; night sky; expanse in which the sun, moon, and stars are seen; appearance of a vast canopy over the earth.
  2. Place of supreme joy; locale of unsurpassable felicity; location of transcendent happiness.
  3. Sky; air; region of the atmosphere in which the clouds float, the winds blow, and the birds fly.
  4. Atmosphere; aerial space; ethereal region; area beyond the stretch of air.
  5. Residence of the gods; home of deities in heathen mythology, such as Valhalla, Mount Olympus, etc.
  6. Infinite regions of space; realm beyond the clouds; [fig.] universe.
  7. World; universe; celestial body.
  8. Celestial abode of God, Jehovah, and their angels; the state of blessed hereafter; [fig.] word of God himself.
  9. God; supreme power; providence.
  10. State of bliss; feeling of happiness; enjoyment of felicity; [fig.] loved ones with whom supreme joy has been felt.
  11. Death; passing on from mortal life.

heavenly, adj. [OE heofonlíc: see heaven, n.] (webplay: excellent, heaven, influence, supremely).

  1. Excellent; beautiful; delightful.
  2. Divine; celestial; pertaining to heaven.
  3. Supernal; blessed; paradisiacal; [adverbial] done by angels.

heavy (heavier, heaviest), adj. [OE hęfi < Germanic, weight.] (webplay: eyes, heart, large, life, light, load, news, ponderous, punishments, sea, slow, time, weary).

  1. Sad; sorrowful; poor in spirit; (see Mark 14:33).
  2. Tedious; laborious; burdensome.
  3. Weighty; scale-wise.

hectic, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk. ἑκτικος, habitual, consumptive.]

Consumption; tuberculosis; severe fever with chilliness, heat, and night sweats; [fig.] sickness; disease; serious illness.

hedge, n. [OE hęcg < Germanic.] (webplay: field, tree, woods).

Row of bushes around a field; thicket planted to fence in a garden.

heed (-ing), v. [OE hédan < Germanic.] (webplay: care, mind).

  1. Observe; watch closely.
  2. Obey; listen; act according to a message, command, or directive.

heedless, adj. [see heed, v.]

Careless; regardless; thoughtless.

heel, n. [OE.] (webplay: man, shoe).

Back part of the bottom of one's foot; [fig.] ocean water; waves of the sea.