Lexicon: hemisphere – herd

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hemisphere (-s), n. [L. hēmisphærium < Gk.] (webplay: two).

  1. Map; land; half of the terrestrial globe.
  2. Sky; half of the celestial sphere.

hemlock (-s, -'s), n. [OE hymlice, origin unknown.]

  1. Plant with poisonous leaves and roots.
  2. Pine; evergreen tree.

hempen, adj. [OE hęnep < Germanic.]

Fibrous plant; [fig.] canvas sail.

hence, adv. [ME hennes.] (webplay: consequence, from).

Hereafter; in the future.

henceforth, adv. [see hence, adv., forth, adv.]

Hereafter; from now on; from this time forward.

henceforward, adv. [see hence, adv., forward, adv.]

Hereafter; from now on; from this time forward.

her, adj. [OE hiere < Germanic; third person feminine singular possessive adjective; see she, her, pron., her's, and herself.]

  1. [Refers to a bird, dove, lark, wren, linnet; indicates association with such a creature] its.
  2. [Represents a flower that is not named in the text] its.
  3. [Refers to heaven; quality of a heavenly object] its.
  4. [Refers figuratively to a natural phenomena] its.
  5. [Refers to the soul] its.
  6. [Used to represent and personify a season of the year, such as spring or summer] its.
  7. [Refers to the first of two preceding noun phrases, “the East” personified] its.
  8. [Refers to a specific persona mentioned in the poem; quality of such previously identified person] its.
  9. [Used to represent and personify abstractions, such as the soul, conscience, time, fate, and hope] its.
  10. [Refers to abstract ideas, values] its.
  11. [Used to represent plant life as a female human being] its.
  12. [Refers to a type of bird which is not named in the text] its.
  13. [Refers to a person not mentioned in the poem; quality of a person not previously identified] its.

her, pron. [OE; third person feminine singular objective pronoun; see she, her, adj., her's, and herself.]

  1. [Refers to a flower or plant life, rose, orchis, gentian, harebell, daffodil, jessamine] it.
  2. [Used to name a female persona that has no antecedent in the text] it.
  3. [Refers to season; a particular point in time] it.
  4. [Refers to the author; objective form for nominative case] she.

herb, n. [OFr < L. herba, grass, green crops.]

Medicinal plant; leaves used as a remedy; type of flora gathered for its healing properties.

herd, n. [OE heord < Germanic.] (webplay: cattle).

Group of cows; crowd of kine; company of domestic animals.