Lexicon: hiss – hoar

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hiss (-ed, -ing), v. [unknown origin, prob. onomatopoeic.]

Make the sound of a serpent; [fig.] speak with scorn or contempt in expression.

hist, interj. [L. st, exclamation enjoining silence.]

Hush; word commanding silence.

history (histories), n. [L. < Gk. Ιστορία, account of one's inquiries, narrative.] (webplay: biography, crusades, knowing, record).

  1. Biography; life story; account of the origin, accomplishments, and actions of an individual person.
  2. Written record; branch of knowledge dealing with past events; attested account of past occurrences with observations.
  3. Account of an event; description of a series of incidents.
  4. Personification of past events.

hit, v. [OE hyttan, to meet with.] (webplay: bird, meet, sight, tune).

  1. Run into; come upon; collide with by accident.
  2. Strike; meet together; come in contact with.

hither, adv. [OE hider.] (webplay: point).

Nearest; toward the person speaking.

hitherto, adv. [see hither, adv., to, prep.] (webplay: spirit).

Up to the present; until a given time.

hive, n. [OE hýf < Germanic.]

Residence of bees; [fig.] mind; place swarming with busy activity.

ho, interj. [ON , exclamation, shepherd's call.]

Hello; exclamation to attract attention or give notice of approach.

hoar, adj. [OE hár < Germanic 'old'.] (webplay: antiquity).

  1. Gray; white with age.
  2. Cold; snowy; frosty.

hoar, n. [see hoar, adj.]

Frost; frozen ground; freezing temperatures; icy weather; cold climate; [fig.] whiteness; snow; [metaphor] death; desolation.