Lexicon: hoard – holiness

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hoard (-ed), v. [OE hordian < Germanic 'hidden'.] (webplay: gold).

Store; amass and put away for future use; [fig.] treasure in the heart.

hoarse, adj. [OE hás.]

Rough; grating; discordant; harsh and low in pitch; [fig.] with a scratchy voice.

hoary, adj. [see hoar, adj.] (webplay: age, head).

  1. Ancient; time-honored; venerable due to age.
  2. Cold; snowy; frosty; wintry; [fig.] grieving; desolate.
  3. Grey; silver; white-haired; turning white with age; [fig.] sick; pale; old; prematurely aged.

hock, n. [shortened form of hockamore < Ger. Hochheimer.]

Rhenish wine produced at Hochheim in Germany; this title extended to other white wines; (word play) refers to various malvaceous plants, esp. the Marsh Mallow and the Hollyhock.

hoe, v. [Fr. houe, see hew, v.] (webplay: farmer's).

Cut; dig; loosen ground with a long handled metal tool, as in a garden.

hoist (-ed, -s), v. [origin unknown.] (webplay: flag; perpendicular).

  1. Lift; raise; bear upward.
  2. Remove; bear away.

hoisted, verbal adj. [see hoist, v.] (webplay: seamen).

Raised; lifted; drawn up.

hold (-ing, -s, held), v. [OE haldan < Germanic.] (webplay: anchor, arms, basket, bearing, blow, carry, child, contain, curtain, debate, distance, dollar, endure, escape, estate, exhibit, fail, fast, fix, fool, frost, grace, hand, head, horse, interrupted, judge, keep, last, laughter, lifting, limit, measure, nature, night, offer, orange, peace, people, possession, practice, raining, reach, running, solemnize, stand, still, stop, take, teach, think, thunder, title, tongue, true, up, water, within). Bind; connect;

  1. Retain; contain; prevent; restrain; confine within.
  2. Bear in the hand; maintain in one's grasp.
  3. Bind; tie; secure; fasten; connect; fix; keep; maintain.
  4. Stick together; retain cohesion; maintain position; remain immovable; stay in place; keep from separation; refrain from dropping.
  5. Think; regard; consider; believe; maintain an opinion.
  6. Contain; bear a certain amount.
  7. Own; retain.
  8. Mold; shape.
  9. Phrase. “hold … breath”: stay still; remain motionless due to profound awe.
  10. Phrase. “hold up”: sustain; support.

holiday (-s), n. [OE háligdæg, holy day.] (webplay: celebrate, day, gaiety, joy, solemnities).

  1. Day of joy, gaiety, and celebration; [fig.] joy; elation; happiness.
  2. [Fig.] freedom; independence.
  3. [Fig.] game; sport; activity like one would engage in on a holiday.
  4. Festival to celebrate a special religious event.
  5. Day set apart for commemorating an important event in the history of a nation.

holiness, n. [OE hálignes.] (webplay: goodness, holiness).

  1. Purity; divinity; sanctity; sacredness; consecration.
  2. Perfection; fulfillment; total blessing; state of complete saintliness.