Lexicon: half – halt

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half, adj. [OE healf < Germanic 'side'.] (webplay: two).

Part; somewhat; in some respects.

half, adv. [see half, adj.] (webplay: life).

  1. Barely; partially; in some ways; [fig.] almost; reluctantly; with hesitation.
  2. Mildly; moderately.

half (halves), n. [see half, adj.] (webplay: divided, land, length, life).

  1. Part of; portion of a whole; one of two equal parts.
  2. Phrase. “Half past”: thirty minutes after; midway to the following hour.

hall, n. [OE heall < Germanic 'cover, conceal'.] (webplay: business, place).

  1. Foyer; lobby; antechamber; vestibule; entrance room in a house; place to give audience to visitors; room used to dispatch official business.
  2. Courts of justice; final judgment place of Christ.
  3. Forum; meeting room; place for public assembly; [fig.] veins.

hallelujah (-s), n. [Heb. 'praise Jehovah'.] (webplay: sing, solemn).

Laud; rejoicing in God; praising the Lord with song.

hallow (-ed), v. [OE hálgian < Germanic 'holy'.] (webplay: whole).

  1. Make holy; consecrate; set apart for religious use.
  2. Reverence; revere; honor as sacred.

hallowed, verbal adj. [see hallow, v.]

Holy; sacred; blessed; reverenced; revered; (see Matthew 6:9).

hallowing, verbal n. [see hallow, v.]

Reverence; consecration; setting apart for sacred purposes; devotion to religious exercise.

hallucination, n. [Fr. < L. ālūcinātiōnem, wander in mind, talk idly, prate.]

Delusion; fantasy; illusion; false belief; faulty sense; erroneous imagining.

halt (-s), v. [OE < Germanic 'lame'.] (webplay: march).

  1. Hesitate; stand in doubt.
  2. Stop; cause to cease.