Lexicon: Holland – homely

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Holland, proper n. [Dutch < holt, wood + lant, land.]

Dr. Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819-1881); friend of the Dickinson family; medical doctor who became a teacher and a writer; associate editor for the Springfield Republican in Massachusetts; [see ED's letters.]

hollow, adj. [ME holu.]

Empty; vacant; not solid.

hollow (-s), n. [OE holh < Germanic.] (webplay: eye).

Cavity; concave space; deep or sunken area.

holy, adj. [OE hálig < Germanic.] (webplay: all, ancient, ghost, God, sin).

Pure; godly; sacred; hallowed; consecrated.

Holy Ghost, proper n. [see holy, adj. + ghost, n.]

Divine being; Holy Spirit; third member of the Godhead; discorporate member of the Christian Trinity; spiritual messenger for God and Jesus Christ; (see Matthew 1:18; ED's letters).

home, adv. [see home, n.] (webplay: abroad, absent, breast, bring, carry, close, come, death, delight, dress, existence, familiar, felt, first, foreign, garment, go, grave, ground, house, inclose, life, lodgings, long, Lord, man, natural, place, plenty, return, staying, time, wind, wise).

  1. Homeward; toward one's dwelling place; again in the direction of one's habitation after an absence; back to one's loved ones after a period of separation.
  2. Heavenward; beyond mortality; to paradise; toward immortality; back to the presence of God.
  3. Back; to a former place; to one's rightful position.
  4. Away.
  5. Domestically; in this country.

home (-s), n. [OE hám < Germanic.] (webplay: abroad, breast, built, come, common, constant, cover, death, delight, destitute, existence, face, features, felt, fine, foreign, garment, go, grave, ground, handsome, house, joy, life, long, man, manufacture, natural, own, place, return, staying, strains, time, wind, wise).

  1. Nest; perch; roost.
  2. Haven; refuge; sanctuary; safe abode; place of rest.
  3. House; habitation; dwelling place; place of residence.
  4. Familiar dwelling; comfortable residence; native country or place; one's own personal abode.
  5. Family; kinsfolk; loved ones; beloved group of people.
  6. Heaven; paradise; celestial realm; presence of God.
  7. Mortal existence; life on earth.
  8. Phrase. “At home”: at ease; confident; comfortable; free to relax; in one's own element; able to be completely oneself.
  9. Phrase. “At home”: available; able to receive guests.
  10. Phrase. “At home”: alive; living; not dead; not deceased.
  11. Phrase. “At home”: in; here; present; on the premises; at one's place of residence.

homeless, adj. [see home, n.] (webplay: existence, rest).

  1. Lost; hopeless; bewildered; disoriented; without a sense of belonging.
  2. Vagrant; wandering; roving; wayfaring; without a place of residence; lacking a house; [fig.] migratory.

homelessness, n. [see home, n.] (webplay: felt, life).

Wandering; drifting; vagrancy; state of being without a place to live; [fig.] without comfort.

homely (homelier, homeliest), adj. [see home, n.] (webplay: abroad, come, death, delight, dress, face, felt, first, foreign, grave, ground, joys, life, natural, severe, time, travel, wind).

Humble; simple; common; modest; ordinary; everyday.