Lexicon: honorable – hope

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honorable, adj. [see honor, n.]

  1. Worthy; esteemed; respectable.
  2. Becoming of rank and character; actuated by a scrupulous regard for reputation.

honored, verbal adj. [see honor, n.]

Revered; exalted; respected; dignified; glorified.

honorless, adj. [see honor, n.] (webplay: honor).

Destitute of honor; without dignity; lacking respect.

hood (-s), n. [OE hód < Germanic.] (webplay: eyes, head, hide, shoulders).

Cap; cover; bonnet.

hooded, verbal adj. [see hood, n.]

Clouded; covered; shrouded; veiled for a funeral; [fig.] subdued; reserved; muted; in mourning; grief-struck because of the assassination of President Lincoln in April 1865; [metaphor] ungrateful; not able to feel thankful.

hoof (-s), n. [OE hóf < Germanic.] (webplay: horses).

  1. Foot; hard covering of a horse's feet; [metonymy] leg of a quadruped; [metaphor] mount; racing animal; beast that a person travels with; (see Isaiah 5:28).
  2. Pounding noise; repeated rhythmic sound; [fig.] toll; marked signal of the passage of time; [metaphor] gallop; rapid movement; [kenning: “Hoofs of the Clock”] minutes; quick-paced temporal units.

hook (-ed), v. [OE hóc.]

Latch; lock; secure; shut up; carefully close; fasten with a hook.

hooting, verbal adj. [Sw. huta ut, take one up sharply.]

Yelling; shouting; calling; giving a warning via a loud whistle; [fig.] letting off steam from the engine.

hop (hopped), v. [OE hoppian < Germanic.] (webplay: birds, dance, leap, one).

Jump on one leg; [fig.] dance about.

hope (-s, -'s), n. [OE hopa.] (webplay: confidence, expectation, God's, good, gracious, joy, obtaining, pain, sweet).

  1. Mortal desire for obtainable expectations ending at death.
  2. Desirable expectation for release from bondage.
  3. Desire coupled with fleeting expectation of attainment.
  4. Aspiration.