Lexicon: hope – horse

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hope (-d, -ing), v. [OE hopian.] (webplay: confidence, expectation, good, obtaining).

  1. Wish; dream; aspire; desire obtainable good.
  2. Guess; desire; wish for.
  3. Expectation to obtain; confidence in the possibility of a future event
  4. Expectation of release.
  5. Await; expect; look for.

hopeless, adj. [see hope, n.] (webplay: good, nothing, without).

  1. Destitute; despairing; despondent.
  2. Unattainable; impossible to accomplish.

hopeless (-ly), adv. [see hope, n.]

Desperately; despondently.

hopper, n. [see hop, v.] (webplay: mill).

Receiver like an inverted cone, through which grain passes into a mill.

horizon (-s), n. [Gk 'bind or limit'.] (webplay: eye, sight, sun, western).

Skyline; line that terminates the view, when extended on the surface of the earth; [fig.] ceiling.

horizontal, adj. [OFr < L. < Gk. 'bounding circle'.]

Level; parallel to the horizon.

horn (-s), n. [OE < Germanic.] (webplay: state).

Spike; hard pointed projection.

horrid, adj. [L. horridus, bristling, rough, savage.] (webplay: enormity).

Hideous; shocking; dreadful.

horror (-'s), n. [OFr < L. 'shudder'.] (webplay: cold, fear, law, shuddering, terror).

Dreadful thoughts; excessive degree of fear or terror; intense feelings of hatred and detestation.

horse (-s, -'s), n. [OE hors < Germanic.] (webplay: ride, sea).

Beautiful species of quadruped.