Lexicon: horseman – household

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horseman (horsemen), adj. [see horse, n., man, n.]

One who rides horseback.

hospitable, adj. [Fr. < L. hospitābilis.]

Generous; liberal and cordial with guests.

hospitality, n. [OFr < L. hospitālitās.]

Entertaining guests with kind and generous liberality.

host (-s, -'s), n. [OFr < L. hospitem, host, guest, stranger, foreigner.] (webplay: body, innkeeper, men, offered, pass, visit).

  1. Great multitude.
  2. Army; warlike gathering.
  3. Entertainer of a guest at one's residence.
  4. Receiver of lodgers at an inn.

hostile (-er), adj. [Fr. < L. hostīlis.]

Harsh; bitter; adverse.

hot (hottest), adj. [OE hát < Germanic.] (webplay: pursuit).

Having much heat; high in temperature.

hound (-s), n. [OE hund < Germanic 'dog'.] (webplay: ears).

  1. Dog; canine; [fig.] predator; stalker; killer; enemy of life.
  2. Need; ache; longing; yearning; feeling of intense desire.
  3. Rake; hunting dog; [fig.] seeker; searcher; pursuer; chaser; one looking; person interested.

hour (-s), n. [OFr < L. < Gk. ὥρα, season, time of day.] (webplay: arrived, clock, day, death, earth, every, fall, half, hand, happy, home, minutes, moon, occasion, pointed, prayers, rest, running, sand, seconds, space, time).

  1. Measure of time; sixty consecutive minutes; twenty-fourth measure of a passing day.
  2. Time; experience; particular span; limited period in which something transpired.
  3. Specific time of day; numerical measure of the passing time on a clock or watch.

house (-s), n. [OE hús < Germanic.] (webplay: abode, assembled, body, bondage, brick, church, concerns, covering, devour, dwelling, earthly, edifice, enact, estates, faithful, God, good, grave, heavens, household, human, laws, living, lords, man, mansion, materials, Moses, order, place, residence, size, soul, station, stone, square, wealth, wood, world, worship).

  1. Biological family; ancestors and descendants.
  2. Home; dwelling; building; habitation for humanity.
  3. Nest; dwelling of a creature.
  4. Heaven; place in paradise; abode of the righteous dead.
  5. Theater audience; spectators in a playhouse.
  6. Tomb; grave; final resting place.
  7. Church; temple; tabernacle.
  8. Wealth; estate; possessions.
  9. Body; residence of the soul.
  10. Building for the keeping of plants.
  11. Earth; natural paradisiacal state of the earth.
  12. Phrase. “Light House”: coastal building that gives light and direction to ships.

household (-s), n. [see house, n., hold, v.]

Family; those living under one roof and working together.