Lexicon: hum – hundred

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hum (hummed, humming, -s), v. [Ger. hummen.] (webplay: back, bees, busy, buzz, insects, men, sing, tune).

  1. Buzz; make sound of a bee.
  2. Blend sounds in a low, murmuring noise.

human, adj. [Fr. < L. hūmān-us, belonging to mankind.] (webplay: belonging, divine, life, man, mankind, nature, qualities, race, relating).

  1. Of man; belonging to man; characteristic of mankind.
  2. Belonging to mankind; distinguished from lower animals.
  3. Mortal; not divine; subject to death.
  4. Phrase. “Human race”: people; all human beings.
  5. Phrase. “Human nature”: innate disposition of man; general inherent character of mankind.

human, n. [see human, adj.] (webplay: divine, life).

Person; mortal being.

humble (-r, -st), adj. [OFr < L. humilem, low, small, slight, insignificant, base < humus, ground, earth.] (webplay: God, low, nation).

  1. Meek; simple; not proud; submissive.
  2. Poor; lowly; not lofty; insignificant.

humble (-d, -s), v. [see humble, adj.]

  1. Lower; subdue; reduce; bring down.
  2. Abase the pride of; reduce the arrogance of.

humility, n. [Fr. < L. humilitātem.]

  1. Meekness; lowliness; simplicity.
  2. Price; penance for sin.
  3. Act of submission.

humming, verbal adj. [see hum, v.] (webplay: bees, insects, men, tune).

  1. Buzzing; droning; with a low murmuring sound.
  2. Phrase. “humming bird”: trochilis; small fowl which makes a vibrating sound by the rapid movement of its wings.

humor (-s), n. [Anglo Fr. < L. hūmōrem, fluid, moisture.]

Mood; disposition; [word play] fluid.

hunch (-ed), v. [origin uncertain.]

  1. Nudge; crowd.
  2. Bend the back and shoulders forward.

hundred (-s), adj. [OE < Germanic.]

Five score; ten times ten; [fig.] indefinite large quantity.