Lexicon: hut – hypothesis

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hut, n. [Fr. < Ger. hütte, small, rude dwelling.]

Cabin; shanty; dwelling; rude hovel; small house.

hyacinth, n. [OFr < L. < Gk. ὑἁκινθος, flower and gem; the name of a mythical youth beloved of the god Apollo.] (webplay: flower).

Plant with a strongly-scented deep purple flower.

Hybla, proper adj. [origin unknown.]

Ancient town in Sicily; village on the southern slope of Mt. Etna; possibly modern Paterno, famous for its honey.

hymn, n. [OFr < L. < Gk. ὕμνος.] (webplay: God, service, tune).

Song praising God; honorific poem; ode to a mythic hero.

hyperbole, n. [Fr. < Gk. ὑπερβολἠ, excess.]

Exaggeration; extravagant statement.

hyperbolic, adj. [see hyperbole, n.]

Using exaggerated expression; [word play] infinite arching curve.

hyphen, n. [L. < Gk. ἡὑφέεν, together, in one.]

Connecting link; direct passageway; [fig.] highway directly joining mortal life to the after-life.

hypothesis, n. [Gk. ὑπόθεσις, foundation, basis of an argument, supposition, subject-matter.]

Proposition; premise of reason; principle put forth as a basis of argument.