Lexicon: haply – harbor

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haply, adv. [ON happ, chance, good luck.] (webplay: God).

Perhaps; casually; accidentally; by chance.

happen (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [see haply, adv.] (webplay: come).

  1. Arrive; come; travel; pass coincidentally; [fig.] encounter by chance while in route.
  2. Phrase. “happen on”: effect; impress; move; strike; stir the feelings of; touch the emotions of.
  3. Phrase. “happen to”: befall; take place; occur unexpectedly.

happening, verbal n. [see haply, adv.]

Luck; chance; unplanned event; accidental occurrence.

happily, adv. [see haply, adv.]

Luckily; fortunately; providentially.

happiness, n. [see haply, adv.]

Joy; delight; pleasure; gladness; good fortune; peace of mind.

happy, adj. [see haply, adv.] (webplay: God, mind, pain, thought).

Lucky; joyous; cheerful; satisfied; fortunate.

happy, n. [see haply, adv.]

Cheerful assemblage; merry congregation; group of joyful people.

haranguer, n. [Fr. 'make an oration, preach or speak'.] (webplay: speech).

Orator; noisy proclaimer; loud public speaker; one who addresses an assembly.

harass, v. [Fr. harasser, importune, torment.] (webplay: fatigue, nature, weary).

Tire; hound; annoy; exhaust; besiege; wear out.

harbor, n. [OE here, host + -beor, shelter.] (webplay: sea).

Port; docking place for a ship; [fig.] place of shelter.