Lexicon: hard – harmless

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hard (-er, -est), adj. [OE.] (webplay: easy).

  1. Tough; arduous; difficult mentally; not easy to accomplish.
  2. Stiff; austere; unfeeling; not moved by pity.

hard, adv. [see hard, adj.] (webplay: understood).

Fiercely; intensely; strenuously; tirelessly; with great effort.

harden (-ed), v. [see hard, adj.] (webplay: iron).

Make firm; indurate; cause to be more compact; [fig.] make unyielding; cause to be insensitive.

hardly, adv. [see hard, adj.] (webplay: almost, scarcely).

Just; barely; not quite.

hare, n. [OE hara < Germanic.]

Bunny; rabbit; small furry mammal with long ears that hops; [fig.] nervous creature; frightened girl.

harebell, n. [see hare, n., bell, n.]

Plant with bell-shaped flowers.

hark (-s), v. [OE heorcian, to hear.]

Listen; pay attention; incline the ear.

harm (-s), n. [OE hearm < Old Germanic.]

Hurt; injury; damage; impairment; [fig.] sin; evil; malice; mischief; moral wrong; wickedness.

harm, v. [OE; see harm, n.] (webplay: hurt).

Mar; wound; injure; impair; damage.

harmless, adj. [see harm, v.]

Innocent; innocuous; inoffensive; not injurious.