Lexicon: harmony – haste

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harmony, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk. ἁρμονἰα, joining, agreement, music.]

Balance; concord; concert; [fig.] pleasing combination of chords; historical consistency of events.

Harriet, proper n. [Fr. < Germanic, 'home-rule,' 'mistress of the house'.]

Hattie; Harriet Orinda Merrill (1829-1853); childhood friend of ED; daughter of Calvin Merrill and Cordelia Leonard; wife of Samuel Noble; dear young woman; [see ED's letters.]

harrowing, verbal adj. [OE hearwe, to rake.]

Tearing earth; breaking ground; leveling of land; covering up seeds; [fig.] agitating; disturbing; lacerating; tormenting.

harsh, adj. [ME harsk, etymology unknown.]

Hard; rough; coarse; unkind; severe; bitter; discordant.

harvest (-s), n. [OE hærfest < Germanic.] (webplay: ripe, stack).

Reaping crops; collecting ripe grain or fruit; [fig.] gathering souls at death.

has, v. [see have, v.]

has'nt, v. [see have, v.]

hasp (-s), n. [OE hæpse, fastening < OHG haspa, reel of yarn.]

Hook; lock; clasp.

hast, v. [see have, v.]

haste, n. [OFr haste.] (webplay: quick).

Speed; hurry; celerity; rapidity; quickness; swiftness; expeditiousness.