Lexicon: hazardous – healthy

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hazardous, adj. [see hazard, n.]

Dependant on chance; exposing to danger of loss.

haze, n. [origin obscure.]

Fog; smoke; watery vapor; [fig.] cloud of seeds blowing in wind.

hazel, adj. [OE hæsel < Germanic.]

Light reddish brown eye color.

he (-'d, -'ll, -'s), pron. [OE he- < Germanic; third person singular masculine nominative pronoun; see also him, himself, his.] (webplay: God, human, human race, man, mankind, person, pronoun, spirit).

  1. [Anaphoric reference to a man who is named in the text; a specific male individual; gentleman having a proper name; famous or unknown man.]
  2. [Exophoric reference to a man who is not named in the text; one of many possible male individuals; specific or general member of a group of male persons characterized by a vocation, such as soldier.]
  3. [Cataphoric reference to a man who is named in the text; in 85/87 “he” refers forward to “Jesus”.]
  4. [Anaphoric reference to a Deity who is named in the text; refers to God the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Ghost; often capitalized.]
  5. [Anaphoric reference to inanimate objects of nature; personification of naturally existing elements] it.
  6. [Anaphoric reference to animate objects of nature; personification of naturally existing entities, such as animals or plants] it.
  7. [Anaphoric reference to heavenly bodies; personification of the sun, its phases, etc.] it.
  8. [Anaphoric reference to humankind in general; one or more members of the human race.]
  9. [Anaphoric generic pronoun reference to one's soul, self, being, person] it.
  10. [Anaphoric reference to personified abstract qualities, emotions, ideas, concepts, states of being] it.
  11. [Exophoric reference to a man who is not named in the text; one of many possible male individuals; antecedent of the pronoun is unknown.]
  12. [Anaphoric reference to a bird or a species of bird; personification of a flying creature] it.

head (-s), n. [OE héafod < Germanic.] (webplay: ax, bed, brain, face, hair, hearing, honor, liberty, place, power, presence, seeing, tasting, top).

  1. Face; [metonymy] deceased person; [fig.] bloom; blossom; seed pod of a flowering plant.
  2. Chief; principal person; [word play] anatomic head.
  3. Title; binding of a book.
  4. Person; individual.
  5. Uppermost part of the human physique; foremost portion of an animal's body; appendage supported by the neck which contains the organs of sight, smell, taste, and hearing; [fig.] organ of reason; container of the brain; seat of the intellect.
  6. Disk; globe; [personification] sun.

headland (-s), n. [see head, n., land, n.] (webplay: sea).

Cape; promontory; point of land projecting into an expanse of water.

heal, v. [OE hælan < Germanic.] (webplay: all, cure, disease).

Cure; make whole; restore body to health; [fig.] forgive sins; relieve spiritual anguish.

healed, verbal adj. [see heal, v.]

Cured; restored to health; [fig.] spiritually made whole.

health, n. [OE hælþ, whole, hale.] (webplay: good, mind, pain, wish).

  1. Freedom from sickness; physical condition without pain.
  2. Morally sound state of mind.

healthy, adj. [see health, n.]

Sound; not ill; possessing a hale body.