Lexicon: impudent – incarcerated

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impudent, adj. [Fr. < L. impudēns, shameless.] (webplay: others).

  1. Saucy; insolent; impertinent; [fig.] bright; fresh; perky; decorative; atypical; unusual; attention-getting.
  2. Heedless; boldly disrespectful; flagrantly indifferent.

impute, v. [Fr. imputer < L.] (webplay: blame).

Charge; attribute; ascribe; reckon; hold accountable; use as an explanation.

in, adv. [see in, prep.]

  1. Inwardly; internally; towards the center; [fig.] privately; discretely; quietly; without talking about it.
  2. Within; inside; to safety; to the interior.

in, prep. [OE.]

  1. Throughout.
  2. Coming as; arriving by.
  3. As; for; representing one.
  4. At; towards the place of.
  5. During; at a time of.
  6. From.
  7. Contained by.
  8. Wearing; appearing with; having on.
  9. Occupying; dwelling at.
  10. As part of.
  11. For; in order to have.
  12. Using; on behalf of; for the sake of; by virtue of; by the authority of; by means of.
  13. By; through the medium of.
  14. Doing; engaged with.
  15. Representing; exemplifying.
  16. On; located upon; on the surface of.
  17. Of; for.
  18. Phrase. “in vain”: hopelessly; fruitlessly; in futility; not efficaciously; without obvious effect; without immediate results; not having positive resolution.
  19. Phrase. “in case”: perchance; in the event; for the contingency; to be ready if; if it should so happen.
  20. Phrase. “in state”: formally buried; ceremonially interred.
  21. Phrase. “in which”: that; during the time that; [conj.]

inactive, adj. [Fr. inactif.]

Dormant; asleep; static; suspended; slumbering; inanimate; motionless; not growing; [fig.] frozen; seeming to be lifeless.

inadequate, adj. [see adequate, adj.]

Incomplete; insufficient; unsatisfactory.

inadvertent, adj. [L.]

Accidental; haphazard; capricious; without cause; [transferred adverbial modifier of “dropt”] accidentally; haphazardly; by chance; not intentionally; [fig.] careless; negligent; inattentive.

inanition, n. [Fr. < L. inānītiōnem.]

Lassitude; uselessness; emptiness; futility.

inaudible, adj. [L. inaudībilis.] (webplay: voice).

Imperceptible; not perceivable; unable to be heard.

incarcerated, verbal adj. [L. incarcerātus.]

Imprisoned; confined; jailed; [fig.] reclusive; secluded; cloistered; hidden away; set apart for spiritual mediation; caught up in creative writing.