Lexicon: incarceration – incite

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incarceration, n. [Fr. incarcération < L.] (webplay: prison).

Captivity; imprisonment; solitary confinement; [fig.] seclusion; solitude; mediation; a cloistered life; a reclusive lifestyle; dedication to creative writing.

incarnate, adj. [L. incarnātus, made flesh.]

Corporal; embodied; clothed with flesh; invested with flesh and bones; [fig.] red; of the blood; [metaphor] mortal; human; subject to life and death.

incautious, adj. [L. incubus.] (webplay: safety).

Unwary; heedless; ignoring possible danger.

incense, n. [OFr encens < L. 'that which is set on fire'.]

  1. Frankincense; olibanum; [fig.] blossom; sweet-smelling field flower; bloom on a snowdrop plant.
  2. Fragrance; sweet odor; smoke from a perfumed substance; [fig.] prayer; praise; offering for deity in a temple.

incessantly, adv. [Fr. incessament < L.; NW says Latin cesso, cease.]

  1. Constantly; steadily; ceaselessly; nonstop; without pausing; over and over again; [fig.] immediately; instantly.
  2. Continually; perpetually; eternally; forever.

inch, n. [OE ynce < L. 'twelfth part'.] (webplay: foot, measure).

  1. Fragment; small piece; twelfth part of a foot; unit of linear measurement in Great Britain and the United States; [fig.] instant; moment of life; precise point of time.
  2. Phrase. “final inch”: death; last breath.

incident (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'fall upon'.] (webplay: event).

  1. Accompaniment; co-occurrence; subordinate support; [fig.] reflection; glow; [metaphor] publicity; heroic deed; newsworthy event.
  2. Matter; affair; effect; episode; favor; gesture; prerogative; privilege; responsibility; tradition; [fig.] motive; intent; design.

incision (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'cut in'.] (webplay: knife, surgeon).

Cut; bisection; surgical opening; division produced by cutting with a scalpel; [fig.] acuity; sharpness of language; incisiveness of thought; keenness of action.

incisive, adj. [L. incīsīvus, 'cut into'.]

Acute; sharp; penetrating; keen in effect; [fig.] crisp; frosty; chill; cool and fresh.

incite, v. [Fr. inciter < L. 'put in motion'.]

Animate; stimulate; encourage; urge on; stir up.