Lexicon: incivility – incorporate

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incivility, n. [Fr. incivilité < L.]

Rudeness; offense; discourtesy; disgrace; disrespect; bad behavior; ill breeding; lack of politeness; want of good manners.

inclement, adj. [L. inclēmentem.]

Deaf; [fig.] cold; chilly; frosty; [metaphor] inattentive; unresponsive; dead.

incline (-d), v. [L. inclīnāre, bend towards.] (webplay: south, stoop).

Tend; agree; deign; condescend.

inclined, verbal adj. [see incline, v.]

Desirous; wishing; intending; considering; having the disposition; feeling an inclination.

include (-d, including), v. [L. inclūděre, shut in.] (webplay; God, hold, within).

  1. Embrace; contain; be added to; be made part of.
  2. Comprehend; encompass.
  3. Count as a subdivision of; consider as a section of a larger whole.
  4. Perceive; be aware of; take notice of; be cognizant of.
  5. Entail; involve; imply; necessitate; presuppose.

incognito, n. [It. < L. incognitus, unknown, disguised.] (webplay: known).

Unknown one; concealed person; disguised character; mysterious creature; [fig.] spirit; angel; being from the other world; deceased loved one who has moved from this life to an unknown dimension of being.

income, n. [OE incuman.]

  1. Wage; salary; amount gained from labor; [fig.] worth; value; divine potential.
  2. Earnings; budget for available expenditures; [fig.] reasonable expectations.
  3. Stipend; estate; living; [fig.] muse for creative writing; source of poetic inspiration; [word play on “coming in”] entrance; arrival; one who comes in.

incomplete, adj. [Fr. < L. incomplētus.]

  1. Imperfect; lacking; not entire; not whole.
  2. Obscured; fractional; partial; with low visibility; having missing pieces.

inconceivably, adj. [Fr. inconcevable < L. concipěre.]

Unbelievably; unthinkably; surprisingly; extremely; very highly.

incorporate (-ed), v. [L. incorporāre, form into a body.]

Perfect; complete; integrate; embody; incarnate; make corporeal; give a physical body to; unite the spirit and the body for.