Lexicon: incorporeal – indemnity

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incorporeal, adj. [L. incoporeus, without body.]

Bodiless; immaterial; inaudible; imperceptible; unheard; [fig.] spiritual; unearthly; spectral; ghost-like.

increase (-d), v. [Anglo Fr. encres < L. incrēscěre, grow.] (webplay: God, grow, sun).

  1. Open; grow; augment; expand; broaden; spread out; widen from narrow slits.
  2. Advance; do more; become greater in effect; go beyond its bounds.
  3. Intensify; escalate; maximize.

incredible, adj. [Fr. < L. incrēdibilis, unbelievable.]

  1. Unbelievable; impossible; not likely to happen; in contradiction to faith; hard to accept as true.
  2. Extraordinary.

incredulous, adj. [L. incrēdulus.] (webplay: believe).

  1. Unbelieving; skeptical; distrusting; doubtful; suspicious.
  2. Agnostic; reluctant to believe in life after death.

incur (incurred), v. [L. incurrěre, run.]

  1. Run into; take on; become subject to; bring upon oneself.
  2. Accept; assume; add to liability.

indebtedness, n. [OFr endetter, involve in debt.] (webplay: life, obliged).

Liability; dependence; owing of thanks; state of being in debt.

indeed, adv. [see deed, n.] (webplay: beast, God, sons, subject, surprise, truth).

  1. In reality; in fact; according to truth.
  2. Really! [expression of surprise or emphasis.]
  3. Surely; truly.
  4. Of course; [denoting concession or admission.]

indefinite, adv. [Fr. < L. indēfīnītus, undefined, unlimited.] (webplay: end).

  1. Freely; browsing; ranging; anywhere; imprecisely; randomly seeking; without limitations; in any direction; in a wandering manner.
  2. Vaguely; imprecisely; not clearly; in a nondescript manner.

indelible, adj. [Fr. < L. indēlēbilis.]

Permanent; lasting; perennial; not erasable; [fig.] regenerating; deathless.

indemnity, n. [Fr. indemnité < L.] (webplay: loss).

  1. Preservation; safety; refuge; protection against harm.
  2. Insurance; guarantee; security against loss.