Lexicon: independent – Indies

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independent (independant), adj. [see dependent, adj.] (webplay: air, control, God, loss, not, self, superior).

  1. Different; distinct; separate from the normal; [fig.] utter; sovereign; deathly.
  2. Free; natural; spontaneous; self-sufficient; self-governing; not self-conscious; not calling attention to itself; [fig.] heedless; indifferent; disinterested; detached.
  3. Unbound; fiscally sound; out of debt; not financially obligated; free from poverty; not subject to external controls; [fig.] rich; wealthy.
  4. Rare; unusual; extraordinary; not common.

independent (independant), adv. [see independent, adj.]

Autonomously; without visible support; without obvious connection; [fig.] by means of gravity.

indestructible, adj. [Fr. < L. in + dēstructibilis.]

Durable; lasting; undestroyable; [fig.] infinite; immortal; endless; deathless; incapable of annihilation.

India (-n), proper n. [L. < Sanskrit sindhu, river.] (webplay: colors, country, east, red, rubber, trees).

Land in southeastern Asia; region east of the River Indus; place of riches, spices, textiles, and other exotic products; [fig.] eloquence; elegant words; beautiful language; poetic inspiration; (see Esther 1:1; ED letters).

Indiaman, proper n. [see India, proper n. + man, n.; see also East India.]

Merchant; seaman; one in the shipping business; man involved in the East India Company; [fig.] millionaire; rich person; [metaphor] poet; great author; powerful writer.

Indian, proper adj. [see India, proper n.] (webplay: colors, country, east, red, rubber, trees).

  1. Phrase. “Indian Summer”: reprisal; period of warmer weather in autumn; time of summer temperatures in the fall season of the year.
  2. Phrase. “Indian Pipe”: Ghost Plant; monotropa uniflora; plant that lacks chlorophyll; leafless shade plant with a single white blossom; [see ED letters] “preferred flower of life”; subject of a painting that Mabel Todd gave to Emily; bloom that appears on the cover of the first edition of the Dickinson's poems.

indicate (-s, indicating), v. [L. indicāre, point out, show, mention.] (webplay: mind, show).

  1. Disclose; manifest.
  2. Mark; betoken; give a sign.
  3. Guide; lead.
  4. Demonstrate; show; illustrate; point to; [fig.] signify; mean.
  5. Signal; suggest; provide evidence.

indicative, verbal adj. [Fr. < L.]

Proving; affirming; demonstrating; illustrating; showing; suggesting; intimating; signifying; giving evidence.

indict, v. [Anglo Fr. enditer, charge, accuse.]

Censure; repudiate; rebuke; inculpate; condemn; accuse of a crime; [fig.] refuse to accept.

Indies, proper n. [see India, proper n.]

Gold; ore from the Asian territories; natural resources of the Caribbean islands; riches of Central America; wealth of the American continents; legendary wealth of the East Indies that explorers tried to find in the West Indies; [metaphor] revelation; poetic inspiration; literary masterpiece; (see ED letters).