Lexicon: inflection – inhabit

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inflection, n. [Fr. < L. inflexiōnem.]

Accent; idiom; dialect; pronunciation; stress pattern; change in pitch; tone of voice.

inflict (-s), v. [L. inflīgere; strike.] (webplay: pain).

Impose; induce; stimulate; cause to feel.

influence (-s), n. [Fr. < L. influere, flow in.] (webplay: sun).

Overflow; flood; course; [fig.] stream of leaves; flood of color; [metaphor] spirits; inebriation.

influence (-s), v. [Fr. < L. influere, flow in.] (webplay: sun).

Shape; act upon; exercise physical power over; affect natural bodies by unseen operations.

influential, adj. [see influence, n.]

Powerful; prominent; outstanding; [fig.] invisibly affecting.

inform (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr < L. informāre, give form, shape, fashion, describe.] (webplay: life, tell).

  1. Counsel; advise; direct; guide; give intelligence; give knowledge to.
  2. Enlighten; elucidate; interpret; provide an understanding of.
  3. Teach; apprize; instruct; present with information.
  4. Tell; signal; indicate.

infrequency, n. [L. infrequentia.]

Rarity; scarceness; extraordinary nature; uncommon occurrence.

ingot (-s), n. [origin uncertain.] (webplay: gold).

  1. Block of gold; [fig.] patch of light; golden sunset ray.
  2. Bar of metal; mass of cast silver; [fig.] wealth; materialism; earthly treasure.

ingredient, n. [Fr. < L. ingredientem, entering into.]

Element; substance; matter; portion; constituent; component part; [fig.] reality; actuality.

inhabit, v. [OFr < L. inhabitāre, dwell.]

Accompany; live in; be present with.