Lexicon: inland – innocent

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inland, adj. [see land, n.] (webplay: land, sea, wrong).

Interior; remote from the ocean.

inland (-s), n. [see land, n.] (webplay: sea, within).

Tract of land away from the sea; interior part of a country.

inlay (inlaid), v. [see lay, v.]

Diversify or ornament a surface by embedding a different substance into the surface.

inlet (-s), n. [see let, v.] (webplay: mind).

Entrance; admission; passage; way into a protected place; [fig.] cove; bay; place where water comes in towards the land.

inmate (-s), n. [see mate, n.]

Boarder; lodger; one who dwells in a house with another; [fig.] captive; prisoner.

inmost, adj. [OE innemest, superlative of inne.] (webplay: silent).

Remotest; furthest; deepest.

inn (-s), n. [OE inn.] (webplay: house, room, silent, temple, town).

  1. Tavern; place that serves liquor to travelers; [fig.] sky; heaven.
  2. Hotel; hostelry; lodge; place where travelers can stay overnight.
  3. Abode; habitation; house for lodging.
  4. Bunker; shelter; refuge; secure place.

inner, adj. [OE innera, compar. of inne.]

  1. Within; interior; farther inward than something else.
  2. Internal; interior; not outward, as the inner man.

innocence, n. [see innocent, adj.]

Purity; simplicity; unimpaired integrity; moral purity; freedom from blame.

innocent, adj. [Fr. < L. innocēntem.] (webplay: heart, injury, simplicity).

  1. Pure; guiltless; blameless; without blemish; not tainted with sin.
  2. Not complete, not containing a part.