Lexicon: innominate – insanity

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innominate, adj. [L. innōminātus.]

Unnamed; anonymous; without a name.

innuendo, adj. [see innuendo, n.]

Implied; not directly known.

innuendo (-es), n. [L. innuere, nod to, signify.] (webplay: hint).

Implication; oblique hint; indirect suggestion.

innutritious, adj. [L. nūtrītius < nūtrīx, nurse.] (webplay: nutrition).

Inedible; not fulfilling; not providing sustenance; not affording nourishment; [fig] worthless; empty; vacuous; hollow.

inordinate, adj. [L. inordinātus, not ordered.]

Irregular; disorderly; not limited to rules prescribed.

inquest, n. [OFr enqueste, seek < L.]

Inquiry; search; questioning; interrogation; official examination; prying investigation.

inquire (-s), v. [OFr < L. inquærere.] (webplay: ask).

  1. Ask; investigate; pose a question.
  2. Call; request a visit; ask for someone.
  3. Search; examine; [fig.] wonder; marvel; admire.

inquiry, n. [see inquire, v.]

Interrogation; questioning; act of inquiring.

inquisitor, n. [OFr < L. inquīsītōrem, searcher, detective, spy, examiner.]

Inquirer, seeker, investigator; one who inquires.

insanity, n. [L. insānus; unsoundness, unhealthiness.] (webplay: mind).

Madness; state of being unsound in mind.