Lexicon: inscribe – insight

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inscribe (-s), v. [L. inscrībere, write in or on.] (webplay: touch).

  1. Imprint; [fig] indicate.
  2. Write; engrave for duration; carve a line of verse on a monument; [fig.] memorialize; ensure perpetuity of an individual after death.

inscrutable, adj. [Fr. < L. inscrūtābilis, search thoroughly.]

Mysterious; cryptic; paradoxical; unrecognizable; not obvious to human reason.

inscrutably, adv. [see inscrutable, adj.]

Mysteriously; unrecognizably; without comprehension; [fig.] divinely.

insect (-'s), n. [Fr. < L. insectum < insecāre, cut into < Gk. ἔντομον, name given to certain.]

  1. Small invertebrate animal; winged creature, breathing by lateral spiracles; being that has articulated extremities and moveable antennae.
  2. Section; segment; small part; being whose body is separated from its spirit; small animal whose body appears divided into parts.

insecure, adj. [L. insecūrus, see secure, adj.] (webplay: fire, truth).

Unsafe; unprotected; exposed to danger; subject to loss.

insecurity, n. [see security, n.]

Uncertainty; state of being unsafe; [fig.] fragility.

insert (-ing), v. [Fr. < L. inserere, put in.]

Set in.

inside, prep. [in + side; see side, n.]

Interior to; internal to.

insidious, adj. [Fr. < L. insidiōsus.]

Cunning; deceitful; ensnaring; deceitful; sly; [fig.] malicious.

insight, n. [in + sight; see sight, n.]

Introspection; inner point of view; deep inspection of a matter.