Lexicon: insinuate – instant

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insinuate (-s), v. [L. insinuāre, bend in windings, curve.]

Slyly suggest; introduce artfully; allude carefully.

insolvency, n. [see insolvent, adj.]

Inability to pay off all debts.

insolvent, adj. [L. in and solvere.] (webplay: contracted, debt, merchant, pay).

Not having money, goods, or estate to pay all debts.

inspect (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. inspicere, look into, inspect, examine.]

  1. Study; read; scrutinize; consider; examine; go over; scan carefully.
  2. View; oversee; supervise; look at; glance at.

inspecting, verbal adj. [see inspect, v.] (webplay: looking).

Watching; scrutinizing; noticing; aware; attentive.

inspection (-'s), n. [see inspect, v.] (webplay: eye, world).

  1. Careful examination; ponderous survey; deep scrutiny.
  2. Consideration; thought; examination; insight.

inspiriting, verbal adj. [in and spirit, see spirit, n.]

Infuse or incite spirit in; enliven, animate; [fig] create [word play: ED uses this word to describe the nature of God, who gives or puts spirits into Man, thereby giving new life.]

instability, n. [Fr. < L. instabilis.]

Want of stability and firmness in purpose; fickleness; [fig.] transitoriness.

instance, n. [Fr. < L. instāntia, presence, urgency, pleading, objection.]

Example; case occurring; case offered.

instant, adj. [Fr. < L. instāre, be present, be at hand, urge, press upon.] (webplay: death, lightning, pressing, quick, thought).

Immediate; prompt; at hand.