Lexicon: instant – insufficient

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instant (-ly), adv. [see instant, adj.]

Immediately; straightaway; without delay.

instant (-s, -'s), n. [see instant, adj.] (webplay: death, delay, doom, earnest, haste, hope, intervening, occupies, perceive, quick, thought, time).

Moment of time; brief occurrence.

instead, adv. [see in and stead.]

  1. Rather; alternatively.
  2. Phrase. “instead of”: rather than; in lieu of; as an alternative to; as a substitution for.

instigate (-s), v. [L. instigāre, urge, incite < Gk. στιγ, to prick.]

Incite; urge; set on; provoke.

instill (instil), v. [Fr. < L. instillāre, drop.]

Infuse slowly; add gradually; receive in small quantities; [reflexive] sip; partake of.

instinct (-s), n. [Fr. < L. instinctus.] (webplay: future, mind, moved, natural, present, spirit).

Innate impulse; natural tendency; spontaneous inclination.

institute, v. [OFr < L. instituěre, establish.] (webplay: care, law).

Begin; commence; set in motion.

institution, n. [see institute, v.] (webplay: act).

Establishment; that which is appointed by authority and intended to be permanent.

instruct (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [Fr. < L. instruěre, build, erect, set up, prepare, inform, teach.] (webplay: knowledge, mind, put).

Teach; guide; inform; direct; provide knowledge.

insufficient, adj. [OFr < L. insufficientem.] (webplay: need, quality).

Inadequate; unfit; lacking.