Lexicon: insulator – integrity

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insulator (-s), n. [It. < L. insula + -ate, make into an island.]

Non-conductor; material interrupting the flow of electricity; substance that prevents electric travel.

insult (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. insultāre, leap at, assail.]

Offend; wrong.

insulted, adj. [see insult, v.]

Offended; wronged; hurt.

insulting, verbal adj. [see insult, v.]

Mocking; degrading; hurtful; offensive.

insurance, n. [OFr enseurance.]

Protection against loss or damage of property.

insure (-s), v. [Variant of “ensure” < OFr; see assure, v.] (webplay: houses, secure).

Guarantee; provide; secure; assure.

insuring, verbal adj. [see insure, v.]

Assuring; securing; comforting.

intact, adj. [Fr. < L. intactus.] (webplay: perceptible).

Untouched; pure; unblemished; whole.

integral, adj. [Fr. < L. integrālis, entire.]

Connected; linked; [fig.] mortal; part of God's plan.

integrity, n. [L. integritās, wholeness.]

  1. Purity; innocence.
  2. Honesty; virtue; sincerity.