Lexicon: intellect – intercede

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intellect (-s), n. [Fr. < L. intellectus, discernment, understanding, meaning, sense, signification.]

Mind; thought; consciousness; rational thinking; faculty of intelligence; [fig.] mortal.

intelligence, n. [Fr. < L. intelligentia, understanding.]

Spiritual being.

intemperance, n. [Fr. < L. intemperāntia.] (webplay: liquors).

  1. Indulgence of passions; excess; exertion of body or mind.
  2. Alcoholism; indulgence in drinking liquor; [fig.] mental indulgence; habitual mental extravagance.

intend (-ing), v. [Fr. < L. intenděre, stretch forth, strain, direct, spread, increase, turn one's attention, purpose, endeavor, maintain, assert.]

Design; plan; purpose; endeavor.

intensify, v. [L. intensus.]

Strengthen; augment; render intense.

intent, adj. [OFr < L. intent-us, a stretching out.]

Phrase. “Intent opon/on”: eager to pursue; determined to accomplish; concentrating on.

intention, n. [OFr < L. intentiōnem, stretching, effort, attention, application.]

Plan; purpose; design; aim; end.

intentioned, adj. [see intention, n.]

Phrase. “well intentioned”: purposeful; useful; practical; designed with a suitable purpose.

inter, v. [OFr < interrāre, in + terra, earth.]

Bury; cover; immerse.

intercede, v. [Fr. < L. intercēdere, come between, intervene, interfere.]

  1. Plead in favor of; intervene on behalf of.
  2. Pass between; interpose between; between sun and earth.