Lexicon: interceding – interest

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interceding, verbal adj. [see intercede, v.]

Pleading for reconciliation.

intercepting, verbal adj. [Fr. < L. inter, between + capre, take, seize.] (webplay: passing, sun).

Hindering; comprehending.

interceptive, adj. [L. intercipere.]

Obstructing; blocking; handicapping; impeding.

interchange, v. [OFr entre-changier, change, disguise.]

Exchange; reciprocate; mutually give and take.

intercourse, n. [OFr < L. intercurrere, exchange, commerce.]

  1. Silent communication; unspoken connection.
  2. Connection; exchange; communication of spirit.

interdict, n. [see interdict, v.] (webplay: privilege).

Taboo; ban; proscription; unspeakable secret; unmentionable sacred message.

interdict, v. [OFr < L. interdictum, interject by speech.] (webplay: forbid).

Prohibit; deny ecclesiastical privilege.

interdicted, verbal adj. [OFr < L. interdīcere.]

Taboo; banned; forbidden; prohibited; not to be trespassed upon.

interest (-s), n. [Fr. < L. interesse.] (webplay: private).

Concern for advantage or private good.

interest (-ed), v. [see interest, n.] (webplay: concern).

Concern; affect; impress; excite; stir up curiosity in.