Lexicon: ignorant – illume

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ignorant, adj. [Fr. < L. ignōrāre, not to know.] (webplay: done, poor, unknown).

  1. Innocent; childlike; blameless; unworldly; free from knowledge of evil.
  2. Untaught; uninformed; uninstructed; artless; natural.
  3. Unsure; not certain.
  4. Unenlightened; unknowing; undiscovered; unconscious of; innocent.

ignore (-s), v. [see ignorant, adj.]

  1. Consciously avoid.
  2. Exclude; deny.
  3. Disregard; not to take notice of.

ill, adj. [ON illr, ill, bad, wicked, difficult, injurious.] (webplay: air, looks).

  1. Sick; ailing.
  2. Uncomfortable; unnatural; awkward; strange; out of sorts.
  3. Sick; not well; [fig.] thirsty.
  4. Weak; disabled; indisposed; afflicted; suffering; physically unhealthy.
  5. Phrase. “ill at ease”: uneasy; uncomfortable; anxious.

ill, adv. [see ill, adj.] (webplay: ease, human).

  1. Badly; poorly.
  2. Phrase. “It ill becometh me”: It makes me look bad; it does not reflect well on me; it represents me poorly.

ill, n. [see ill, adj.] (webplay: human, nature, pain, well).

Pain; agony; distress; [fig.] evil spirit as cause of affliction.

illegible, adj. [see legible, adj.]

Unreadable; incomprehensible; indecipherable.

illegitimate, adj. [see legitimate, adj.]

Disingenuous; improper; unlawful; unconventional; not authorized; contrary to law; out of place.

illness, n. [see ill, adj.]

Sickness; malady; disorder of health.

illocality, n. [L. illocālis, not local, out of place, see local, adj.]

Nowhere; unspecified position; indefinite location; lack of distinct place; [fig.] randomness; haphazardness; chance; accident; chaos.

illume, n. [poetical shortening of illumine < Fr. < L. illūmināre.; NW lists a verb; ED uses it as a noun.]

Light; lantern; lamp; candle; [fig.] help; aid.