Lexicon: interfere – interruption

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interfere, v. [Fr. < L. ferīre, strike.] (webplay: others).

Meddle; impose on the concerns of others.

interior, n. [Fr. < L. interior, inner.] (webplay: apartments, ball, house, within).

Internal; inner; inward; [fig.] limited; within the bounds of a kingdom; [metaphor] mental; spiritual; private; personal.

interlocutor (-s), n. [Fr. < L. interlocūtor.]

Conversationalist; consultant.

intermit, v. [L. intermittere, leave off.]

Interpose; put between; introduce.

intermittent, adj. [Fr. < L. intermittentem.]

Sporadic; erratic; irregular.

internal, adj. [Fr. < L. internālis.] (webplay: man).

  1. Spiritual; mental; subjective; individual; intimate.
  2. Inward; personal; individual; introspective.

interpose (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. inter, between + poser, place.] (webplay: between, eyes).

Intrude; interfere; interrupt; trespass.

interrogate (-s), v. [L. inter, between, at intervals + rogāre, to ask.]

Make inquiries; examine; question.

interrupt (-ed, -ing), v. [L. inter, between + rumpěre, break.] (webplay: break, stop).

  1. Pause; stop; end; halt; cease; discontinue.
  2. Cut off; obstruct; impede; infringe; hinder.
  3. Bother; disturb; intrude upon.

interruption (-s), n. [Fr. < L. interruptiōnem.] (webplay: time).

Hindrance; intervention; breach of extension.