Lexicon: intoxicate – introduction

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intoxicate, v. [Fr. < L. in + toxicāre, smear with poison < Gk.] (webplay: wine).

Excite the spirits to a kind of delirium; elate to enthusiasm.

intoxicated, verbal adj. [see intoxicate, v.]

Overwhelmed; drunk; overcome; elated.

intoxication, n. [see intoxicate, v.]

Action or power of exhilarating or highly exciting the mind; elation or excitement beyond the bounds of sobriety.

intrench (-ed), v. [OFr en + trenche, act of cutting, a cut, a gash.] (webplay: face, men).

Furrow; make hollows in.

intrenchment (-s), n. [see intrench, v. and entrenchment, n.] (webplay: another, enemy's, face).

Ditch; hole dug into the earth; dirt hollowed out of the ground; [fig.] fortification; defense; barricade.

intricate, adj. [L. intrīcæ, trifles, toys, quirks, tricks, perplexities.]

Entangled; obscure; perplexing; involved; complicated in meaning.

intricately, adv. [see intricate, adj.]

Not simply; with complication; in a perplexing manner.

intrinsic, adj. [Fr. < L. intrinsecus, inwardly, inwards.]

  1. Inward; internal; essential; inherent; not apparent or accidental; [fig.] true; genuine; real.
  2. Independent; introverted; self-contained.
  3. Secret; private; secluded; set apart.

introduce (-d), v. [L. intrōdūcere, lead or bring in or forward, institute, originate.] (webplay: dress).

  1. Initiate; teach; instruct; bring to a knowledge of something.
  2. Present; usher in; bring into society; put forward in a preliminary or preparatory manner.
  3. Start; open; begin.
  4. Bring into personal acquaintance; make known to a person or circle.

introduction (-s), n. [Fr. < L. intrōductiōnem.]

  1. Debut; formal presentation; polite acknowledgment of social status; [fig.] conducting; ushering into place.
  2. Unveiling; revelation; apocalypse; aid to understanding; disclosure that leads to knowledge; [fig.] metaphor; symbolism.