Lexicon: invent – inviolable

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invent (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. invenīre, come upon, discover, devise.]

Create or devise something new or previously unknown.

invention, n. [OFr < L. inventiōnem < invenire, come upon, discover.] (webplay: art, Greeks, known, logarithm).

Something created or discovered which was not previously known; that which is invented.

inversion, n. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: change, commons, first, turning).

Contrary rule of operation; change of natural order; turning backward.

invest (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. < L. investīre, clothe, cover, surround.] (webplay: escape, grace, light).

  1. Array; clothe.
  2. Give permanently in return for money.
  3. Enclose and surround as to prevent escape.
  4. Adorn or grace.

investigate (-d, investigating), v. [L. investīgāre, track, trace out.] (webplay: careful, nature).

Examine or study closely.

investment (-'s), n. [L. investīre, clothe, vest.]

Long term commitment or interest toward something or someone.

invigorate (-d), v. [Fr. < L. invigōrāre.]

Animate; give life to; provide energy for.

invincible, adj. [Fr. < L. invincibilis.]

Unconquerable; insurmountable; [fig.] closed; fortified.

invincibly, adv. [see invincible, adj.]

Absolutely; resolutely; immovably; inexorably; in an irrevocable manner.

inviolable, adj. [Fr. < L. inviolābilis; from in and violābilis, do violence to; violate.]

Not to be broken; unbreakable.