Lexicon: iron – Iscariot

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iron, adj. [see iron, n.]

Grey color of heavy metal; [fig.] solid; lasting; durable; strong; tough.

iron (-s), n. [OE ísern.] (webplay: hard).

Heavy grey metal; [fig.] indisputability; certainty; unbreakable quality.

ironic, adj. [L. < Gk 'dissembling, putting on a feigned ignorance'.]

Dissembled; derisive; cunning; guileful.

irony, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'dissimulation, ignorance purposely affected'.]

Paradox; warped humor; challenge to expectations.

irresolute, adj. [L. irresolūtus.]

Uncertain; infirm; wavering; given to doubt.

irreverence (-d), n. [Fr. < L. irreverēntia.]

Disrespect; dishonor; contempt; rejection; mockery; iconoclastic attitude.

irritated, verbal adj. [L. irrītāre, incite, excite, provoke, irritate.]

Excited; provoked; stimulated; aroused.

is, v. [present tense third-person singular of the suppletive verb “be”; see be, v.]

[Main verb] exist; happen; occur; become a reality.

Isaac, proper n. [Heb. yitschak, laughter, joy.]

Son of elderly Abraham and Sarah; Old Testament patriarch; promised child that God commanded Abraham to sacrifice as a test of faith (see Genesis 22; ED's letters).

Iscariot, proper n. [Heb. Kerioth, mortal city.]

Judas Iscariot; treacherous apostle of Jesus Christ; disciple who betrayed Christ by kissing him on the cheek; [fig.] traitor; betrayer; deceiver; dissenter; apostate; evil member of a group; [metaphor] killer; poisoner; toxic influence; (see Matthew 10:4).