Lexicon: Italic – ivory

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Italic, proper adj. [Fr. < L. Italicus < Gk.]

Classical; Florentine; of the Italian Renaissance; [fig.] enlightened; sunny; ornate; flowery; [sense play] emphatic; meaningful; important.

italicize (-d), v. [see italic, adj.]

Highlight; foreground; underscore; emphasize; enlighten.

Italy, proper n. [L. vitulus, calf < Gk italos, ox, cattle.]

Country in Southern Europe; home of the Renaissance; nineteenth-century capital of art, letters, and culture; residence of English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her husband Robert Browning; [fig.] heaven; the promised land; place of rebirth; site of the resurrection; [see ED letters.]

it's, adj. [ED's alternate spelling of the third person singular neuter possessive adjective; see it, pron.]


it's, v. [see it, pron. and is, v.]

It is.

itself, pron. [see it, pron. + self, n.; third person singular reflexive pronoun.] (webplay: kingdom, poor, stands).

  1. [Implying a natural and gradual dissolution] piece by piece.
  2. [Implies solitude or introspection] to itself; for the person action; done on behalf of the one doing.

ivory, n. [OFr < L. eboreus < Coptic.]

Carving from elephant tusks; [fig.] paleness; white color; pallid complexion; ghastly appearance; spectral visage; [metaphor] stiffness; rigidness; static condition; rigor mortis.