Lexicon: impatient – imperceptibly

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impatient, adv. [see impatient, adj.]

Intolerantly; restlessly.

impeach, v. [OFr empechier < L. impedicā-re, catch, entangle.]

  1. Discredit; censure; condemn; disparage; judge as unfit; find fault with; challenge the worth of.
  2. Accuse; deny; charge with treason; bring a formal legal charge against.

impede (impeding), v. [L. impedīre, shackle the feet.]

Hinder; block; obstruct the advancement of; slow the progression of.

impediment, n. [L. impedimentum, hindrance.]

Limitation; restraint; restriction; bounds; [fig.] stammering; stuttering; lack of adequate language; inability to express oneself fully.

impel (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. impellěre.]

  1. Convince; convert; win over.
  2. Drive; incite; urge on; force to some action.

impending, verbal adj. [L. impend-ēre.]

Expectant; aspiring; waiting; almost to be; soon to become.

imperative, adj. [L. imperātīvus, to command.]

Obligatory; mandatory; demanding attention; requiring action; like a duty.

imperator, n. [L. from imperāre, to command.]

Ruler; dictator; potentate; emperor; commander; absolute monarch; authoritarian being with power to take life; [fig.] inescapable killer.

imperceptible, adj. [Fr. < L. imperceptibilis.] (webplay: slow).

Slight; gradual; subtle; indistinct; not discernable; [fig.] quiet; still; inaudible.

imperceptibly, adv. [see imperceptible, adj.]

Quietly; without being noticed; in an unseen manner; so as not to be perceived; [fig.] gradually.