Lexicon: implore – impossibility

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implore (-ed, imploring), v. [Fr. < L. implōrāre weep, lament.] (webplay: call).

  1. Beg; plead for; request urgently; supplicate earnestly.
  2. Shout; speak loudly; [fig.] boom; resound; resonate; reverberate.
  3. Grieve; mourn; lament; expressing sorrow.

imply (implies), v. [OFr < L. implicāre, enfold, involve.]

  1. Entail; implicate; predicate.
  2. Denote; indicate; suggest; give an indication of.

import (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. importāre, carry or bring in.] (webplay: bears, know, mean, moment).

  1. Bring; carry; convey; transplant from another location; bring in from another country unto one's homeland; [fig.] tell; introduce; communicate; hint at.
  2. Mean; signify; suggest; intimate; imply; connote.

important, adj. [Fr. < L. importāre, be of consequence.]

Meaningful; significant; essential; having much consequence.

importunate, adj. [L. importūnus.]

Pleading; appealing; solicitous; imploring.

importune (-d, -s), v. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: unceasing).

  1. Beg; pray; implore.
  2. Plead with; appeal to; try to persuade; [fig.] try to fix; attempt to repair; endeavor to save.
  3. Ask repeatedly; implore earnestly; request with urgency; petition persistently for.

importunity, n. [Fr. < L.]

  1. Persistence; perseverance; productivity; continual courtship; [fig.] poetry; prolific offerings of creative writing.
  2. Request; plea; petition; pressing claim; repeated application for a favor.

impose, v. [Fr. < L. impōněre.] (webplay: command).

Enforce; inflict; regulate; bring down; place over by authority; [fig.] control by the force of gravity.

imposing, verbal adj. [see impose, v.]

  1. Impressive; intimidating; heavy; weighty; important.
  2. Binding; pressing; inescapable; overwhelming; overpowering; relentless; [fig.] mandatory; obligatory.

impossibility, n. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: man).

  1. Ideal; unseeable essence; imaginative concept; inexpressible underlying reality; unthinkable new idea; image never conceived of before.
  2. Inaccessibility; unavailability; the unobtainable; that which seems impractical; that which is heretofore unknown; that which previously could not be done.