Lexicon: kindly – kiss

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kindly, adj. [OE gecyndelíc, see kind, n.] (webplay: nature).

Affectionate; loving; charitable; sympathetic; benevolent.

kindly, adv. [see kind, adj.] (webplay: child).

Obligingly; accommodatingly; graciously.

kindred, n. [OE cyn, to produce, engender, beget + OE ræden, condition, reckoning.]

Family; blood relatives; kinsmen by marriage; [fig.] close associates.

king (-s), n. [OE cyning.] (webplay: church, monarchs, prince, principle, royal, ruler, sovereign, supreme).

  1. Sovereign; [fig.] Lord; God; Christ; supreme being; heavenly ruler; divine law-giver.
  2. Ruler; crowned one; higher power; [fig.] sun.
  3. Monarch; male ruler; leader of a realm; head of a domain.
  4. Phrase. “King of Down”: bed pillow; [fig.] Prince of Peace; [kenning] Comforter.

kingdom (-s, -'s), n. [OE cyningdóm.] (webplay: dominion, East, Heaven, Messiah, monarch, place, princely, royalty, West).

  1. Land; nation; country; [fig.] paradise; heavenly mansion; resting place of the dead.
  2. Realm of influence; domain of power; [fig.] world of beauty; universe of possibilities; place of natural wonders; poetic gift of pure intelligence.
  3. Territory subject to a king; [fig.] holy order; government of heaven; governance by divine law; spiritual sovereignty of God.
  4. Phrase. “Kingdom of Heaven”: presence of God; home of heavenly beings.

kinsman (kinsmen), n. [ME cunnes, genitive of kin.]

  1. Fellow saints; children of God; siblings in the gospel of Christ; [fig.] martyrs.
  2. Family member; blood relative; kin by marriage; [fig.] spouse.
  3. Kind; variety; genus; closely related species.
  4. Neighbor; companion; close associate; fellow citizen.
  5. Friend; close acquaintance; [kenning “Kinsmen of the Shelf”] books; authors; story characters.
  6. Folk; [fig.] mourners; grieving loved ones.
  7. Fellow creature; [fig.] worm; animate being in nature.
  8. Associate; [fig.] contiguous entity; inanimate being in nature.

kinsmanless, adj. [see kinsman, n.]

Friendless; without neighboring blossoms; [fig.] alone; single; isolated; solitary.

kinsmanship, n. [see kinsman, n.]

Tie; common bond; [fig.] understanding; sympathy; rapport; spiritual attachment.

kirtle, n. [OE cyrtel, tunic.]

Gown; petticoat; mantle; cape; short jacket; upper garment; [fig.] blossom; cluster of petals at the top of a flax flower.

kiss, n. [OE coss.] (webplay: common).

  1. Tender caress; gentle touch with the lips on the face of another person.
  2. Brush of the lips; [fig.] token of loyalty; sign of allegiance (see Luke 7:45); [irony] betrayal; signal of treason (see Luke 22:47-48).