Lexicon: only – open

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only, adj. [see only, adv.]

Single; alone; this and no other.

only, adv. [OE ánlíc, unique, solitary, singular, excellent.]

  1. Exclusively; singly; in one manner or for one purpose alone.
  2. No more than this.
  3. But; Except [conj. adv.]

onset, n. [see on, adv. + set, v.]

  1. A beginning.
  2. An attack; onslaught.

onward, adv. [OE.]

Uninterrupted advance; moving forward through space.

onyx, n. [L. onyx < Gk, 'nail, claw'.]

An agate stone; multilayered.

ooze (-ed), v. [ME wose < OE wesan.]

Become fluid; act as a slow-moving liquid.

opal, adj. [L. opal-us; Skr. upala, precious stone, gem.] (webplay: single).

  1. Iridescent; like a rainbow; exhibiting a play of various colors like an opal.
  2. Changing according too the play of light; [fig.] wandering.
  3. Pearly; [fig.] precious; costly.

opaque (-st), adj. [L. opāc-us, shaded, darkened, dark.]

Not transparent; impervious to light; not able to be looked through to see what lies on the other side.

open, adj. [OE open.] (webplay: clear, covered, eyes, snow).

  1. Unclosed; awake.
  2. Not closed; empty; ready to receive; admitting all without restraint.

open, adv. [see open, adj.] (webplay: air, comers, eyes, gate, hand, house, trees).

In an unclosed manner.