Lexicon: organized – Orpheus

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organized, verbal adj. [L. organizare; see organ, n.]

Planned; designed; not arbitrary; systematically arranged.

orient, n. [L. oriens, rising sun, east.]

  1. Rising sun; morning.
  2. The East.

oriental, adj. [see orient, n.]

  1. Daylight; [fig.] living; alive; active; lively.
  2. Eastern; from the part of the world that includes Asia, Europe, or Africa; [fig.] exotic; foreign; strange; alien.
  3. Morning; at dawn; during sunrise.

oriole, n. [L. aureol-us, golden.]

Golden songbird; particular genus of birds, known for brilliant yellow feathers.

Orion, proper n. [Gk, perhaps < ouron, urine.]

Giant hunter; ancient demi-god; wandering bard; legendary storyteller of Greek mythology; [fig.] group of stars personified; distinct winter constellation; (see ED's letters).

Orleans, proper n. [Fr. famous city in France < L. Aurelianum, in honor of Emperor Aurelius.]

Dukedom; nobility; noblesse; valor; bravery; conviction; honorable bearing; [sense play] rich purple color; type of plum; [fig.] peasant woman; warrior-heroine; delivering angel; “Maid of Orleans”; Joan of Arc (1412-1431).

ornament, n. [L. ornare to fit out, equip, adorn.]

Something to decorate adorn, or beautify.

ornament, v. [see ornament, n.]

To enhance, adorn or decorate.

ornithology, n. [L. ornīthologia, treating of birds, speaking of birds.]

The study of birds.

Orpheus, proper n. [trad. < Gk orphnē, darkness, night.]

Bard; mythical musician; legendary Greek poet who was able to charm gods, humans, beasts, and inanimate objects with his song; husband who searched for his wife Eurydice in Elysium after her death; (see ED's letters).