Lexicon: orthography – ought

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orthography, n. [L. < Gk.'writing correctly.]

  1. Calligraphy; handwriting; set of characters; correct spelling; properly written text; [fig.] song; chant; bird call.
  2. Phrase. “lone Orthography”: seldom read written text; [kenning] personal epitaph; individual gravestone inscription.

ostensible, adj. [L. ostendere, to stretch out before one's face.]

Obvious; visible; perceptible; shown; presented; exhibited.

ostensibly, adv. [see ostensible.]

Apparently; supposedly; allegedly; seemingly.

ostentation, n. [Fr. < L.]

The action of displaying or showing.

other, adj. [OE.]

  1. More; additional.
  2. Different; alternative.
  3. Previous; earlier.
  4. One of two.
  5. Opposite.
  6. Comparable; similar in quality.
  7. Kindred; related; similar in form.
  8. Substitute.

other (-s, -'s), pron. [see other, adj.]

  1. Additional person.
  2. People from the past.
  3. One of two people.
  4. Companion; associate; partner; one of a pair; [fig.] beloved.
  5. Phrase. “Each other”; “each other's”: one another; both of two people together.

otherwise, adj. [OE on othre wisan, in other manner.]

Different; not the same.

otherwise, adv. [see otherwise, adj.]

  1. In other circumstances.
  2. In similar respects.

otter, n. [OE otr, ot(t), oter .]

Sea animal; ocean-loving mammal; furry creature that swims well and eats fish.

ought, n. [see nought, pron.]

  1. Anything; something; aught.
  2. Phrase. “Ought to” [“or'ter” dialect variant]: obedience; heeding rules, instructions, or counsel.