Lexicon: overbold – oversleep

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overbold, adj. [see over, adv. + bold, adj.]

Impertinent; pert; saucy; impudent; presumptuous.

overcoat, v. [see over, adv. + coat, n.]

Covering; outer garment; long warm cloak; [fig.] shell; physical body.

overcome (overcame), v. [see over, adv. + come, n.]

  1. [Past participle for passive voice] defeated; vanquished; brought into submission.
  2. Flood; inundate; swamp; smother; submerge; override; overwhelm; overtake; catch up with someone.
  3. Endure; suffer; bear pain; have courage; be brave; experience trials; answer evil with goodness; undergo the afflictions of mortality; [fig.] obtain the victory of life over physical and spiritual death; survive by faith, hope, and charity, in spite of persecution, agony, or death (see John 16:33; 1 John 5:4-5; Revelation 2:7-17, 3:5, 21:7).
  4. Confront; overtake; pass by; come upon; meet up with; [fig.] surprise; startle; ambush; take unawares.
  5. [Past participle for passive voice] mastered; pinned; overpowered; taken down; prevailed over, like the Angel that Jacob wrestled with (see Genesis 32:24-31).

overgrown, verbal adj. [see over, adv. + grow, v.]

Covered; crowded; hidden; concealed; obscured; kept from view.

overhead, adv. [see over, adv. + head, n.]

Above; aloft; high up; in the sky; among the tree branches.

overhear (-s, -d), v. [see over, adv. + hear, v.]

Eavesdrop; listen in to; catch on to; perceive the essence of; hear without deliberately trying.

overlook (-ed, o'erlooking), v. [see over, adv. + look, v.]

Ignore; neglect; fail to see; [word play] supervise; view from above.

overpower (o'erpowered), v. [see over, adv. and power, n.]

Subdue; beat; overcome; overwhelm; conquer; vanquish; capture; [fig.] kill; cause to die; eat for food.

overset (-s), v. [see over, adv. + set, v.]

Upset; overturn; trample; step on; knock over; turn from the proper position.

oversleep, v. [see over, adv. + sleep, v.]

Rest too long; slumber longer than intended; remain in bed longer than is needful.