Lexicon: ogle – omnipotent

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ogle, v. [Dutch oog, the eye; Low German oegeln, to look at.]

Gaze at intrusively; to look at with side glances to attract attention.

oh, interj. or exclaim. [Another spelling of O interjection, intended to express a longer or stronger sound.]

  1. Expresses fondness of or endearment to the idea or thing which follows.
  2. Intensifies sadness or disappointment associated with the idea or thing which follows.
  3. Used to elicit the attention of an addressee [which addressee usually follows.]
  4. Expresses earnest desire for action.
  5. Used to express strong emotion.
  6. Intensifies the word which follows.
  7. Used to indicate understanding.

oil (-s), n. [OHG oli; OE ele.]

A viscous substance drawn from animal or vegetable sources, noted for its inflammability, fluidity, and insolubility in water.

old (-er, -est), adj. [OE altd.]

  1. Used; discarded; outdated.
  2. Former; previous; past; subsisting before something else.
  3. Ancient; long ago; [to express familiarity affection.]
  4. Eternal; infinite; everlasting; far back into the past.
  5. Long-time; long-term; of long continuance; begun long ago.
  6. Elderly; aged; senior; advanced in years; having lived for a very long time.
  7. Mature; advanced.
  8. Phrase. “Old fashioned” (see old, adj. + fashioned, verbal adj.): former; previous; obsolete; antiquated; passed by in time; pertaining to former days; according to ancient standards.

omen, n. [L.]

Sign; augury; foreshadowing; prognostic; manifestation; indication of some future event.

ominous, adj. [L. ominosus, portentous; see omen, n.]

Sinister; foreboding; presaging evil; signaling a future evil; in the nature of an omen.

omit (-ted), v. [L. omittere, to let go, let loose, lay aside.]

  1. Neglect; fail; make no effort.
  2. Leave out; exclude; not mention.

omnifold, adj. [onmi, all + fold.]

Myriad; manifold; numerous; multitudinous; innumerable; multivalent; many-faceted; infinite; endless; having countless perspectives.

omnipotence (omnipotence'), n. [L.]

  1. Almighty power; an attribute of God.
  2. God; the Almighty.

omnipotent, adj. [Fr. < L. omni, all + potens, able, powerful.]

Almighty; all powerful.