Lexicon: omnipotent – oneself

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omnipotent, n. [see omnipotent, adj.]

God; the Almighty

omnipresence, n. [L. omnipr├Žsent-em, all present.] (webplay: place).

  1. God's all-encompassing presence; presence in all things, in all places, at all times.
  2. Being that is present in all places at all times.

on, adv. [see on, prep.]

Contiguous to someone; in contact with something.

on, prep. [OE.]

  1. In; within.
  2. At the surface of.
  3. Along; beside.
  4. During; at the time of.
  5. Contiguous to; placed at; set down at.
  6. To; towards; in the direction of.
  7. Against; pushing at.
  8. Because of; thanks to; with the help of.

once, adv. [OE eny.]

  1. Formerly; in the past.
  2. One time; in a solitary instance.
  3. As soon as; when (conj. adv.).
  4. Phrase. “At once”: simultaneously; the same point of time.
  5. Phrase. “At once”: immediately; suddenly.
  6. Phrase. “Once more”: again; another time; in another attempt.

once, n. [see once, adv.]

A single occurrence; one time.

one, adj. [see one, n.]

  1. Sole; only; singular.
  2. A specific; a particular; a single in number.
  3. United; unitary; undivided; in accord.
  4. The same; a similar kind of.

one (-s), n. [Germanic ain-oz; L. unus.]

  1. Specific unit; single thing; particular entity.
  2. First hour; counting symbol “1”; primary cardinal number.

one (-s, -'s), pron. [see one, n.]

  1. Someone; a person; [reflexive] herself.
  2. Phrase. “One … One's”: a person … his own; someone … her own; them … their own; an unspecified individual … their own; [generic pronoun … generic reflexive possessive.]

oneself, pron. [see one, pron. and self; reflexive indefinite pronoun.]

Himself; herself; themself; a person's self.