Lexicon: paste – paternal

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paste, n. [OFr paste.] (webplay: gems).

Faux pearls; fantasy gems; imitation jewel; synthetic glue mixture used to create artificial precious stones; [fig.] mortality; earth life; similitude of divine realities.

paste (-d), v. [see paste, n.]

Deposit; place; pile; bond; seal; solder.

pasture (-s), n. [OFr < late L. pastura, feeding, grazing.] (webplay: grass).

  1. Field; grassy meadow.
  2. Grazing land; area of grassy ground where farm animals are fed.
  3. Food; cattle or animal feed.

patch (-es), n. [ME pacche, origin uncertain.]

Area; fragment; trace; [fig.] ray of light; piece of sky.

patchwork, n. [see patch, n. + work, n.]

Sewing; stitchery; needlework; quilting.

patent, adj. [L. patēnt-em, lying open.]

Visible; unsealed; unstopped; accessible; open to view; [word play] legally available; free to be used.

patent, n. [originally short for letters patent, see patent, adj.] (webplay: invention).

  1. License; legal right to produce and sell.
  2. Exclusive property; unique possession; special privilege.

patent (-ed), v. [see patent, n.] (webplay: grant; stem).

  1. Originate; create; invent; author.
  2. Mark; stamp; brand; label; indicate; authenticate; distinguish; endorse; license; grant.

pater, n. [L. pater, father.]

Father in heaven; God; Lord [invoked in prayer.]

paternal, adj. [L. pater, father.]

Fatherly; Godly; belonging to Father in Heaven; [fig.] protected; secure; safe.