Lexicon: penalty – pensive

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penalty, n. [L. pœnālitās.]

Consequence; price; punishment; fine.

pence, n. [Collective plural of penny < OE pening.] (webplay: sum).

  1. Penny (pennies); small sum; coin(s) of little monetary value.
  2. [Fig.] alms; charity; relief; aid.

pencil, n. [ME < OFr pincel < L. pēnicillum, paintbrush, pencil.] (webplay: writing).

  1. Writing utensil.
  2. Implement for figuring math problems visually on paper or slate.
  3. Small paintbrush; drawing instrument; means of adding color to a scene.
  4. [Fig.] symbol of authority; power to sign a death warrant

pendulum, n. [L., free-hanging body.] (webplay: clock, point, times).

  1. Time-keeping device; rhythmically oscillating body which serves to mark the passage of time.
  2. Metronome; [fig.] cricket; rhythmically chirping insect; creature whose appearance and disappearance marks the passage of the seasons.
  3. [Fig.] heart; life-regulating apparatus of the human body; rhythmically contracting muscular organ.
  4. [Fig.] usual order of things; commonly perceived laws of reality.

penetrate, v. [L. penetrāre, to place within, enter within, pierce.]

Enter; pierce; reach; affect; chisel through.

Peniel, proper adj. [Heb. penī, face of + el, God.]

Divine; holy; hallowed; named by Jacob who wrestled with an angel at this location (see Genesis 32).

peninsula (-s), n. [L. pæne-, almost + insula, island.] (webplay: land, water).

  1. Island; dry land nearly surrounded by water.
  2. Land; place; location.
  3. [Fig.] solid earth; firm ground; sure footing.
  4. [Fig.] safe haven; getaway; place of escape; distant location; place perceived to be cut off from what was previously known or experienced.
  5. [Fig.] upper branch; high dwelling place in a tree; lofty arboreal region attached to the tree trunk by a narrow branch and surrounded by air.
  6. [Fig.] great expanse of land; long distance; large obstacle.
  7. Promised land; [fig.] desired reward.

peninsular, adj. [see peninsula.]

Attached; connected; related to a larger whole; [fig.] reminiscent of a previous place of residence; similar to that which was formerly known.

penniless (penniniless), adj. [OE pening + -less.]

  1. Insufficient; lacking; inadequate; deficient; meager; no longer valued; poor in comparison.
  2. Poor; destitute; impoverished; wanting.

pensive, adj. [Fr. pensif < penser, to think.]

  1. Serious; sober; solemn; earnest; grave; mournful; melancholy; reflective.
  2. Preoccupied; seemingly unconcerned; [fig.] unaffected; impassive; indifferent.